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If you liked DREAMER . . .

Dreamer cover in Japanese

Both DREAMER original and the Japanese//English Editions are at

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Margins Of Reality: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World by Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne;

Divided Consciousness: Multiple Controls in Human Thought and Action (Wiley Series in Behaviour) by E.R. Hilgard;

Altered states of consciousness by Charles T. Tart, Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ;

The God Theory: Universes, Zero-point Fields, And What's Behind It All by Bernard Haisch;

Out of This World: Colliding Universes, Branes, Strings, and Other Wild Ideas of Modern Physicsby Stephen Webb;

The Hidden Domain: Home of the Quantum Wave Function, Nature's Creative Source by Norman Friedman;

Reframing Consciousness : Art, Mind and Technology Edited by Roy Ascott ;

Manga: Kirara Tome 1 (Kirara Vol. 1) by Toshiki Yui ;

Manga: Dance Till Tomorrow, Vol. 1by Naoki Yamamoto;

Music: The Cross of Changes by Enigma (Michael Cretu);

Music: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! by Enigma (Michael Cretu);

Music: Voices Of Light by Richard Einhorn; .


Music Albums for novels? Sure! If you enjoy listening to music while reading, here are the songs that go best with DREAMER. Compile your albums for your iPod before the film is released!

DREAMER Song Album

More DREAMER Songs (Album 2)

Rachael's Songs

Gail's Songs

Michael's Songs

Coltrane's Songs

Even more music here. .