Gallery 21
The Nuclear Fallout Maps shown here are based on analyses of data published by the National Cancer Institute, 1997 and reflects quantities published in The U.S. Atlas of Nuclear Fallout and the Nuclear Fallout from the Nevada Test Site 1951-1970.

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Fallout map for shot Jangle Uncle.
Jangle Uncle

Typical fallout 1 day postshot.
  Typical Day 1 Fallout

Typical fallout day 2 postshot.
Typical Day 2 Fallout

typical fallout day 3 post shot.
Typical Day 3 Fallout

Typical fallout day 4 post shot.
  Typical Day 4 Fallout

Typical fallout, day 5 post-shot.
 Typical Day 5 Fallout

Typical fallout, day 7 post shot.
Typical Day 7 Fallout

Typical fallout day 8 post-shot.
  Typical Day 8 Fallout

Typical fallout day 9 post-shot.
 Typical Day 9 Fallout

Typical fallout day 10 post-shot.
Typical Day 10 Fallout

Nuclear fallout from Upshot-Knothole Nancy.
  Upshot-Knothole (UK) Nancy

Western fallout from shot Upshot-Knothole Nancy.
  UK Nancy (2)