image Multnomah Falls

Paris Missouri, 1964



Splashtown 2005-07

In many parts of America, waterparks are going the way of the Drive-In Movie. Here is a brief photoessay of one in Texas that, despite marauding developers, land-grab experts and bad weather, has managed to stay in business.

Cannon Beach and Mt. Rainier 2005

In 2005 I took my daughter to a place we both love, the Pacific Northwest. We carried with is a camera, a GPS, and a Fluke infrared pyrometer. We took a lot of photos and videos, and discovered the water temperature at Cannon Beach in August is only 43.5 degrees F.

Neighborhood History 2007

One Saturday night in the summer of 1950, the citizens of a small town in northeast Missouri--population about 2000--walked up and down Main street until eleven PM. Many stores were open until that time, and there was even a person on the sidewalk selling popcorn. It wasn't unusual. In many small towns in America during the early 1950s stores closed late and groups of people strolled the sidewalks until nearly midnight. Those days are gone, of course, and in many cases, the small towns are gone as well.

Yet, all have a history. The photos and panoramas seen in this photoessay will eventually be a part of a project to document small town life in America during the mid-twentieth century.

The first site chosen for the Neighborhood History photoessay is my hometown, Paris, MIssouri. Jane Bertels contributed to the photos and is one of the principal designers of the upcoming neighborhoodhistory.net site. We hope you like it.