fallout map, northeast U.S.

fallout map United States

fallout map northeastern U.S.


From the beginning of America's continental nuclear test program in January 1951, the Atomic Energy Commission (which later become part of the Department of Energy) recorded the deposition of nuclear fallout in the continental United States. This information was classified secret until well after the above-ground nuclear testing ended. By 1983, when I began research for my book Under The Cloud, many of the trajectory maps had been declassified. Thus, we knew where the nuclear debris traveled, but not how much actually was deposited on the earth below.

In 1997, after 15 years of research, the National Cancer Intitute published a lengthy document that showed where one isotope of fallout--Iodine-131---was deposited. Unfortunately, this isotope comprises only 2 percent of all fallout. Still, from that information it was possible to determine where many of the 124 other fallout radioisotopes ended up. That was the subject for the original U.S. Fallout Atlas series as well as the series of books listing regional fallout values by county.

Included here are links to maps showing fallout depositions in the United States as well as local fallout in the Northeast, the Midwest and the West Coast. These maps are part of a book project that will eventually include high-definition downloadable maps to be used in conjunction with the data found in our publications on nuclear fallout . All maps were prepared using Golden Software Mapviewer 5.0 and 6.0.

--R.Miller Jan 28, 2016

To see the map galleries for total fallout and specific radioisotopes such as cobalt-60, americium-241 and others click the following links:

Nuclear Fallout Maps I: 3D prism maps.

fallout map 3D


Nuclear Fallout Maps II: in color and by region.

nuclear fallout United States fallout, California, Oregon, Washington fallout, Midwest fallout, northeastern U.S.

United States Pacific West, Midwest, Northeastern States

By Gallery:

Gallery 20: Prism Maps U.S. Ranger Baker to Buster-Jangle Sugar total fallout 1951-1952.

Gallery 21: Prism Maps U.S. Total Fallout Buster-Jangle Uncle (1951). Typical day fallout: Days 1-10 Postshot. Upshot-Knothole shot Nancy.

Gallery 22: Prism Maps U.S. Total fallout from shots in the Plumbbob Series (1957): Boltzmann, Charleston, Doppler, Fizeau, Hood, Morgan, Newton, Priscilla.

Gallery 23: Prism Maps U.S. Fallout from shots in the Plumbbob Series (1957): Priscilla, Shasta, Smoky, Wilson. Shots in the Teapot Series (1955):Apple-1, Bee-Ess, Met, Tesla, Turk, Zucchini.

Gallery 24: Prism Maps U.S. Fallout from shots in the Tumbler-Snapper Series (1952): Able, Charlie George. Fallout from shots in the Upshot-Knothole Series: Badger, Climax, Dixie, Encore, Harry, Nancy, Ray.

Gallery 25: Prism Maps U.S. Fallout from Upshot-Knothole shots Ruth and Simon (1953); Tumbler-Snapper shot Dog (1952). Also: regional deposition of radioisotopes Am-241, Be7 and Cs137.

Gallery 26: Prism Maps U.S. Deposition of radioisotopes Pd-111, Co-60, Cm-242, Eu-155, Au-199, Fe-59, Be-7, U-237.

Gallery 27: Color Maps, U.S. Fallout pattern for Tumbler-Snapper George (1952) for June 1-7, 1952; deposition of radioisotopes Xenon-133 and Iron-59 from shot Tumbler-Snapper How (June, 1952).

Gallery 28: Color Maps U.S. Fallout pattern for shot Smoky Aug 31-Sep 5, 1957. Fallout pattern shot Simon (1953). Cobalt-60 from shot Boltzmann (1957).

Gallery 29: Color Maps U.S. Fallout pattern shot Sedan, Jul 6-10, 1962. Cobalt-60 from shot Hood (1957) and shot Badger (1953).

Gallery 30: Color Maps U.S. Cobalt-60 from shots Badger and Harry (1953). Barium- 139 from shot How (1952). Day by day fallout pattern for Buster Charlie Oct 30-Nov 4, 1951. Tungsten-181 and 187 deposition for Washington, Oregon and California (1951-1962).

Gallery 31: Color Maps forWashington, Oregon and California: Total fallout all nuclear tests (1951-1970), fallout from Teapot Series (1951),Tumbler-Snapper Series (1952),Teapot Series (1955) Underground Nuclear Test Series (1961-1970), deposition of radiisotopes Sr-90, Np-240, Nd-147 (Aboveground Test Era 1951-1962.)

Gallery 32: Color Maps for Washington, Oregon and California: Deposition of radioisotopes Na-24, Nd-147, Mo-99, Rb-88, Mn-54, Cs-137 , Co-60, Cm242.

Gallery 33: Color Maps for Washington, Oregon and California: Fallout from Buster-Jangle Test Series (1951), shot Baneberry (Dec 1970); deposition of radioisotopes Curium-242, Beryllium-7, Gold-198 and Americium-241.

Gallery 34: Color Maps Northeastern U.S. Total fallout from Nevada Test Site 1951-1970; deposition of the following radioisotopes: U-240, Ge-77, Zr-97, W-185 and Cm-242.

Gallery 35: Color Maps Northeastern U.S. Fallout from aboveground test era (1951-1962,) Ranger Test Series (1951), Plumbbob Test Series (1957), shot Sedan (1962); deposition of radioisotopes Sodium-24, Manganese-54 and Europium-155.

Gallery 36: Color Maps Northeastern U.S. Deposition of radioisotopes Europium-155, Copper-67, Cesium-137, Cobalt-60, Cadmium-115m and Bromine-82.

Gallery 37: Color Maps Northeastern U.S Fallout from Buster-Jangle Series (1951), fallout from shot Baneberry (Dec 1970); deposition of radioisotopes Beryllium-7, Barium-139 and Gold-198.

Gallery 38: Color Maps, Northeastern U.S. Deposition of radioisotopes Au-199, As-78, Am-241, In-115m, Ag-112 during aboveground test era (1951-1962.)

Gallery 39: Color Maps, Midwest U.S. Fallout from Underground Tests 1961-1970, Tumbler-Snapper Series April 1-June 5, 1952; Teapot Series Feb 18- May 15, 1955; Sedan Jul 6-10 1962; Ranger Series, Jan 27-Feb 6, 1951; and Plumbbob Series May 28-Oct 7, 1957.

Gallery 40: Color Maps Midwest U.S. Total fallout from Nevada nuclear tests 1951-1970; Buster-Jangle Series Oct 22-Nov 29 1951; deposition of radioisotopes Selenium-77, Lead-203, Neptunium-240m and Sodium-24.

Gallery 41: Color Maps Midwest U.S. Fallout from shot Baneberry, detonated Dec 18, 1970; deposition of radioisotopes Manganese-54, Indium-115m, Beryllium-7, Curium 242 and Cobalt-60 (1951-1962.)

Gallery 42: Color Maps Midwest U.S Deposition of radioisotopes Cesium-137, Barium-140, Copper-67, and Europium-155 (1961-1962.)